Fitness Plans for Middle Age

Keeping fit doesn't need to be exhaustingMany people fear reaching that dreaded point in their life that is often referred to as “middle age,” however as long as you approach this stage of your life with a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing at all to be afraid of. A fitness plan for middle age is no different from a fitness plan aimed at other age groups although recovery from injury generally takes a little longer when older.


Those in their late thirties and older planning to involve themselves in sports or activities should always seek medical advice prior to starting. Just jumping in and undertaking a vigorous exercise routine is a mistake and serious injury or even fatality (a heart attack, for example) can result. Your doctor will advise you on the practical nature of your activities. For example, if you plan to run a marathon in less than month, this is obviously unreasonable and both your doctor and fitness instructor will advise against it. As you get older, you are more prone to injuries and recovery time can also take longer. Obtain your doctor’s approval of your schedule, then you ready to begin your chosen exercise routine.


Professional support is always welcome and many middle-aged people begin with a gym membership in order to form a regular routine that is supervised my trained professionals. They will recommend the safe methods for using equipment (whether it is weights or cardiovascular equipment) and ensure that you warm up and cool down after exercise to prevent injury.


A little regular exercise is much more effective that a crash course on an intermittent basis. If you have a specific goal in mind (such as a marathon), this must be achieved in a gradual manner over a period of months. Any other approach to accelerate this process will increase the risk of injury and could result in ensuring your goal is never achieved.

Other important considerations include correct clothing and a varied exercise routine, tailored to your requirements. Your fitness instructor will advise you on suitable clothing and outline a detailed exercise routine that can be modified as your fitness levels improve. Some dietary recommendations may also be provided (you will need to verify these with your doctor).

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