How to Stay Healthy During the Winter

It is easy to get ill during the winterStaying healthy during the winter can be difficult as so many of us get plagued by colds, flu’s, viruses, illnesses and sicknesses that seem to spread within minutes. The cold, wet and windy weather also means that most are locked up indoors under blankets and gorging on comfort foods like chocolate, bread and cakes. But being cooped up like this is actually a hindrance to your health during the winter months. In order to stay healthy it is essential to prepare your immune system beforehand and to take certain precautions during the winter to maintain a germ-free environment.

Build Up Your Immune System

Immunity is everything when it comes to avoiding illnesses like a virus. In preparation for flu season, ensure that your immune system is at its peak by eating the right kinds of foods and taking the best supplements available. Foods high in Vitamin C and other immunity-boosting foods like oranges, berries and lemons are great for this purpose. Take herbal teas with Echinacea to top up even further.

Keep Germ-Free

It almost goes without saying that keeping a clean environment during the winter is crucial to fending off unwanted bacteria and the spread of infections. This means that regularly washing hands, using tissues and cleaning surfaces with anti-bacterial sprays are essential activities. And don’t be afraid of exercise and walks despite the cold weather. Walking and getting outdoors will actually keep you fit and healthy, while staying indoors with intensive heating will only contribute to creating a bacteria-friendly environment.

Staying healthy during the winter really comes down to diet, supplements, outdoor exercise and proper cleaning. Getting the balance right between boosting your immunity, eating the right foods, getting fresh outdoor air and regularly cleaning hands and surfaces is the best way to maintain a healthy and functioning body.

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